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Posted: 10/31/2016 01:48:35 PM;  Modified: 10/31/2016 01:55:22 PM
Lake Natoma - Sac State Men take home the gold, winning first place in the Mens Lightweight 2x. Three pairs also raced the Mens Open 2-, taking first, seventh, and eleventh place. Also raced was the Mens Open double, placing 3rd in the event. Fours were also raced, with the Mens Lightweight 4+ placing 6th and the... [ Full Story ]
Posted: 10/15/2016 03:07:34 PM;  Modified: 10/15/2016 03:16:29 PM
Petaluma CA - After a windy day on the course, (some winds hitting 30+mph) Sac State Men's Rowing takes home the Gold medal in the Mens Open 4+, the Mens Open Lightweight 4+ and the Mens Double. The Mens Open Lightweight 8 took 2nd place as well! Go Sac State Mens Rowing! [ Full Story ]
Posted: 5/03/2016 02:05:35 PM;  Modified: 5/03/2016 02:06:38 PM
Lake Natoma - Sac State Crew brought home a WIRA cup in the light4+, silver in the light8+, and bronze in the double! It was a great weekend for the team, bringing home 16 medals! Great job everyone! [ Full Story ]
Posted: 4/03/2016 03:49:33 PM;  Modified: 4/03/2016 03:50:09 PM
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Mission Bay, California - Varsity8+: Our Varsity8+ started out our Saturday looking strong down the racecourse! They raced again Saturday afternoon and ended their weekend looking clean in harsh conditions. Lightweight8+: Our Lightweight8+ had an exciting finish in 4th place of the grand finals! There was rough condition... [ Full Story ]
Posted: 3/07/2016 08:21:34 PM
Lake Natoma, CA - Overcoming rain and wind the Sacramento State Mens Crew rowed with glory. The Lightweight 8+ was close behind Maritime's Varsity heavyweights 8+ finishing bow to stern for the first race of the day. Next, the Novice 4+ finished third, putting up a strong fight. The Varsity 4+ started as the wind pic... [ Full Story ]

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