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Posted: 3/07/2016 08:21:34 PM
Lake Natoma, CA - Overcoming rain and wind the Sacramento State Mens Crew rowed with glory. The Lightweight 8+ was close behind Maritime's Varsity heavyweights 8+ finishing bow to stern for the first race of the day. Next, the Novice 4+ finished third, putting up a strong fight. The Varsity 4+ started as the wind picked up on the race course, finishing second. The Lightweight 4+ A boat dominated the race course taking a quick lead over Maritime and Sonoma, finishing out on top with a three boat length lead. The JV 8+ jumped out in front of Sonoma at the start and kept the lead throughout the finish. Finishing out the day was the Novice 8+, as the windiest race of the day went down the course, the novices pushed through and placed third. With three weeks left, the team will continue to train hard for San Diego Crew Classic!

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