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The Team

Since 1984 the Sacramento State Men's Rowing team has competed against universities from all over the country. As part of the Western Intercolliegate Rowing Association, we have won multiple conference championships in the Varsity 8. We have also had championship boats in several other events during our history. We are a club sport at Sacramento State which means that the majority of our funding comes from donations and fundraising during the year. The members of this team throughout our history pride themselves on hard work, dedication, and commitment to a common goal.

The team is comprised of male athletes and male or female coxswains. Our team competes against school such as Stanford, Santa Clara, UC Berkeley, and all other West Coast institutions with rowing programs. No experience is necessary to join.

Our Facilities and Lake Natoma

The Sacramento State Aquatic Center is one of the best rowing facilities in the country because it has the combination of multi-million dollar facilities, fantastic year round weather, and the long, protected waters of Lake Natoma. The facilities include rowing specific training equipment, weight room, locker room and showers.

Lake Natoma is really the star attraction for our facility. The entire lake is surrounded by state park property which keeps the rest of the world from infringing on its waters. It is because of Lake Natoma that Sacramento State hosts most of the major rowing races in the Western US, and why we have hosted the NCAA national championship more than any other facility.

For more information see the Sacramento State Aquatic Center website.

The University

Located just five miles from the State Capitol in a metropolitan area of more than 2 million residents, Sacramento State is the flagship university in one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.

On the banks of the historic American River, the 300-acre campus is sheltered by more than 3,000 trees and dotted with fountains and gardens. Miles of trails stretch across its river parkway, connecting the university to recreation areas such as Old Sacramento, Folsom Lake and the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

Sacramento State offers 60 undergraduate and 40 graduate degrees to its nearly 28,000 dedicated students (11,000 men and 17,000 women). Our computer science program was one of the first accredited in 1986 and our criminal justice program is one of the largest in the United States. The student to faculty ratio is 21 to 1 and 70 percent of classes have fewer than 30 students.

For more information see the Sacramento State University website.

The Region

Sacramento State students lead active lives in and out of the classroom. Many events are offered on campus including concerts and sports, while the surrounding region has a wide range of activities. The city is rich in California history, known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Its mild climate, rivers and nearby recreation areas make it popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Residents enjoy all the benefits of an urban California lifestyle - art galleries, museums, theater, great restaurants and shopping - yet Sacramento is one of the most affordable big cities in California. Sacramento is also within easy driving distance of San Francisco, the Napa and Sonoma valleys, the historic gold country and the Tahoe region's ski slopes. The area is also home to two professional basketball teams, the NBA's Kings and the WNBA's Monarchs, as well as AAA baseball's Rivercats.

The Sport Of Rowing

Collegiate rowing is a team sport with each boat having eight rowers and a coxswain that steers and manages the boat. Rowing shells (boats) are about 63 feet long, weigh 200 lbs, and are made of carbon fiber allowing them to carry over 2000 pounds of athlete on the water. The boats which cost between 25 and 30 thousand dollars are capable of reaching 15 mph and can easily tow a water skier (see Mythbusters).

Rowing is a leverage sport that favors tall athletes and since weight determines the drag on the boat, the best rowers tend to look like basketball players. Also, because weight is important in this sport the coxswains that manage and steer the boats ideally weigh less than 125 pounds. The coxswain for each boat is responsible for the safety of the entire boat and is the only person who can see where the boat is going. A male or female athlete on a Men's Rowing Team can perform this daunting task.

For more information on the sport of rowing see and

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