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Posted: 4/02/2011 04:07:49 PM;  Modified: 9/01/2011 09:14:28 PM
San Diego, CA--Mission Bay - The Sacramento State Menís Varsity 8+ took to the racecourse in the second race of the day at 7:40 am. Low winds and clean water allowed for some good racing, as Notre Dame, UCLA and Sacramento State led the 7 boat heat down the course. Notre Dame took a solid 8-seat lead on Sacramento State and UCLA, leaving the two boats to fight it out for the remaining grand final-qualifying position. UCLA gained a slight advantage at the end, but Sacramento State closed the gap with a solid sprint, only to fall short to a quick UCLA crew.

1. Notre Dame, 6:05.10
2. UCLA, 6:07.11
4. Bates, 6:13.47
5. UCSB, 6:14.83
6. UC Davis, 6:15.12
7. Loyola, 6:21.69

Sacramento Stateís Varsity 8+ will race Sunday morning in the Menís Collegiate Varsity Petite Final at 8:30 am. (Lane assignments below)

Lane 1. Fordham
Lane 3. University of San Diego
Lane 4. Purdue
Lane 5. Bates
Lane 6. Washington State

Sacramento State also raced in the Menís Open 8+ event, providing solid racing experience for the younger portion of the team. The Hornets came in 6th place in a tight race with the USD alumni boat.

We look forward to Sunday's racing!


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