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Posted: 3/28/2011 02:51:12 PM;  Modified: 3/28/2011 03:48:12 PM
San Diego, CA - Sacramento State Men’s Rowing will be traveling to Mission Bay in San Diego, CA for the 38th annual Crew Classic on April 2nd and 3rd. The team will be entering the Men’s Collegiate Varsity “American Specialty Health Cup,” previously known as the Cal Cup, as well as the Men’s Open event, the “Joan Ward Memorial Trophy.”

The Varsity 8+ will first race at 7:40 am in the second heat of the Men’s Collegiate Varsity 8+’s:

Lane 1 – Notre Dame
Lane 2 – UC Davis
Lane 3 – Sacramento State
Lane 4 - UCLA
Lane 5 – Bates College
Lane 6 - UCSB
Lane 7 – Loyola

The Open 8+ will race at 2:20 pm in the third heat of the Men’s Open 8’s:

Lane 1 – UND Alumni A
Lane 2 – UCLA
Lane 3 – Cal
Lane 4 – UCSD Alumni B
Lane 5 – Santa Clara
Lane 6 – M Rowing
Lane 7 – Sacramento State

A full schedule of events and regatta information can be found at


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