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Hornets Place Well at Head of the Lagoon

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Posted: 11/13/2012 05:25:17 PM;  Modified: 11/13/2012 06:34:43 PM
Foster City, CA - The Hornets competed in their final race of the fall this past weekend in Foster City. The Head of the Lagoon has been the final stop for the team for the last 3 years now, and Sac State is always determined to show off their hard work put in during the semester. The Men's crew entered into the Open 8, Collegiate Novice 4, 2 entries into the Open 4, and then 2 entries into both the Collegiate Pair and Open pair. Results can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Open 8 was the first race of the day, and was the first boat to start the race. The lagoon is a very coxswain intensive course with the constant curve to the body of water, with 3 very difficult turns. Despite all this, Sophomore and novice coxswain Elaine Medeiros led the Open 8 to a first place finish ahead of local rivalry UC Davis.

The Collegiate Novice 4, having just hot seated, came to a 4th place finish in a very competitive field behind 2 Stanford crews, and a UC Davis crew.

After the Novice 4, the rowers were given some rest. But not soon after, many of the same rowers who had just competed in the Novice 4 and some from the Open 8 got back into the boats to race under the Open 4. Having to race a second time can be incredibly difficult to accomplish. However, with boats mixed with both varsity and novice rowers, the boats posted very competitive times despite their previous races.

The Open Pair event pitted 3 Sac State pairs against 3 UC Davis pairs and a Humboldt State pair. These rowers had already competed once already in the Open 8, and were now racing again. Sac State A comprised of Chris Hopkins stroking with Brad Dyer sitting bow, Sac State B was stroked by Mark Schneiderman, paired with Matt Kobe, and Sac State C was stroked by Richard Butterfield with Alex Herzfeldt sitting bow. Both the A and B pairs came down the course in incredibly fast times, with the Schneiderman/Kobe pair just edging out Hopkins/Dyer. The Butterfield/Herzfeldt pair had to deal with the fact that Butterfield had never rowed on the port side before, and were still able to finish above 2 of the UC Davis pairs.

On top of finishing 1st and 2nd and 5th in the Collegiate Pair, Schneiderman and Kobe posted the fastest pair time of the day, and brought home the 'Foster City Cup' for Sac State for the 3rd year in a row.

The Open Pair consisted of rowers hot seating immediately from the Open 4 race that had finished 20 minutes before the start of the Open pair race. These two entries had Justin Boman with Andrew Thompson in one pair, and Will Parrott with Grady Hofstetter in another. This was the 3rd race of the day for most of these rowers, a hard task for any athlete. After coming across the line, Sac State came in a 3, 4 finish just behind Los Gatos and East Bay Rowing club.

All in all it was a great weekend for rowing and for the Sac State Men, and a great end to the fall season. From here the team will participate in their annual Erg-a-thon fundraiser on the Sacramento State Campus on November 14th and 15th.


Open 8+:
UC Davis 18:01
Sonoma State 18:10
Cal Maritime 19:54

Collegiate Novice 4+:
Stanford 18:44
Stanford B 20"04
UC Davis B 21:08
Saint Mary's 21:43
Humboldt State 21:53
Sonoma State 21:56
Pacific 22:21
UC Davis A 23:05
Chico State 23:42
Stanford C 25:00

Open 4+:
Cal Berkley Lwt 19:40
Humboldt State 20:35
Sonoma State 20:40
Cal Maritime 21:00
Cal Berkley Lwt B 22:32

Collegiate Pair:
UC Davis 21:16
Humboldt State 22:22
UC Davis B 22:51
UC Davis C 23:32

Open Pair:
Los Gatos 22:14
East Bay 23:21
Pacific 25:26

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