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Posted: 4/02/2013 09:50:12 PM;  Modified: 4/02/2013 09:52:29 PM
Los Gatos, CA - Our latest trip was to the Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos, CA. We raced Santa Clara on their home water. We brought down roughly 18 rowers and raced three line-ups. The three races that went on were the Varsity 8, Open 8, and Novice 8.
Despite the wind making the water very choppy, races carried on as usual.

The first race was the Varsity 8. Grady Hofstetter, a freshman, stroked the V8 for the first time this year. The start was fast for both teams. Sac State got off to a quick start pulling slightly ahead of Santa Clara. However, when both teams settled into their race pace, Santa Clara pulled away and won comfortably. Sac State V8 race rate of 36 proved inefficient to Santa Clara’s strong rate of 34 strokes per minute.

The second race of the day was the most exciting, Open 8+. Rowers are considered in the open category when they are out of eligibility because of too many years in college or their collegiate rowing eligibility has expired. Sac State’s 8 had 5 of the rowers who just competed in the Varsity 8. This race began with Sac State getting out to a fast start pulling ahead of Santa Clara. About 300 meters in, 2 seat from Sac State caught a major crab where his whole blade got stuck in the water. The whole boat had to stop rowing, and in the meantime Santa Clara went ahead by two boat lengths. Instead of giving up, Sac State fought hard till the end, made up the two boat length deficit and caught Santa Clara’s bowball at the end. Coach Jay Farwell from Santa Clara deemed the race a dead tie.

The last race of the day was the Novice 8, where Santa Clara defeated Sac State in a strong fashion.

This was a great benchmark for our team as we got to see how we faired against one our strongest opponents.
A special thanks goes out to Santa Clara for letting us use their boats and making this scrimmage possible.

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