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Posted: 3/28/2013 01:59:07 PM;  Modified: 3/28/2013 01:59:51 PM
Petaluma, CA - This past weekend, we had a scrimmage at Sonoma State’s home territory in Petaluma, CA. This was our first race this spring season outside of our home turf. We raced in boats that Sonoma gave us as well. Because of a lack of novice members from Sonoma, we only raced varsity 8 and varsity 4.

The day started with pieces for the Varsity 8. In total we did 3 pieces. The first two pieces were 1000 meters each, rate capped at 30 strokes per minute. Sonoma State got off to an early start on both pieces and held off keeping a boat length lead for each piece. The third piece was interesting. Initially it was deemed 2000 meters. This was an open rate and at the start both teams were neck and neck. However, about 300 meters a large fisherman’s boat is parked right in the middle of the lake. Because the Petaluma River is so windy, we were unable to see it ahead of us and were able to stop just in time to get out of the way of the boat. After both boats stopping and getting a point again, the race resumed with Sonoma State finishing in first.

After the Varsity 8, the Varsity 4 from both schools raced. Coaches decided on doing 500 meter pieces. Out of the 4 500 meter pieces, Sac State won 3 of the pieces.

This scrimmage was a great experience for both schools. We got to learn how to adapt to other courses which is going to be valuable when we have to travel for further races such as Santa Clara (March 30) and San Diego (April 6).

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