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Posted: 9/05/2013 09:30:34 PM;  Modified: 9/06/2013 07:40:31 PM
Lake Natoma, Ca - My name is Matt Albretsen and I am a rower for Sac State. Rowing has taught me some valuable lessons about myself and about the people in the rowing community. A rower lives to sweat and to bleed for the team and we do so willingly. We do not quit. We push each other every day as we strive for perfection. Dedication is a simple word, but actions prove intentions and our intent here at Sac State is simple: Join. Row. Win.

Conditioning is labor intensive, but we train our minds to be twice as strong as our bodies because the mind drives the body. The mind may say one of two things—I’m too tired, I can’t keep going—OR—pull harder, just keep going—and the body will respond accordingly. This is why we always train to break the perceived limits of our minds (a trait that’s invaluable in both rowing and life). If you have a Crew then you have a family. This isn’t just a group of guys that wakes up early every morning to go to the gym. There is an incredible bond within this group because we do everything together as a team: Sweat; blood; cry; laugh; lose; win. We do it all and we have a lot of fun.

My crew is the Sac State Crew; we are a brotherhood composed of highly motivated, intelligent, and extremely hard working people. My name is Matt Albretsen and I wouldn’t trade my crew for the world.
One breath, one stroke, one team—Sac State Crew

Join. Row. Win.

I would like to encourage you to come meet me and the crew and see what rowing is really all about.
Please take note of the following dates and events:

Mon 9/9/13, 4pm-7pm: Monday Night Football @ Round Table
Wed 9/11/13, 5pm-8pm: Patriot Day BBQ & Movie Night
Fri 9/13/13, 6pm-9pm: Bonfire & S'mores

Special thanks to the Alumni and other parties involved for your continued support. We simply could not do this without you. Thank you so much. We’ll see you at the finish line.

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