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First Fall Practice: September 10th

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Posted: 9/07/2012 01:24:59 PM;  Modified: 9/07/2012 01:27:59 PM
Lake Natoma, CA - Ok new recruits, its time to get ready for the first practice this coming week!

Our first practice will be the next Monday. That's September 10th. Practice starts at 6am, and yes we understand it is early. We will wait for people that show up a few minutes late.

What to expect:

This is going to be a new experience for most of you, so we encourage you to stick with it for at least the first few weeks as things get sorted out.

We will be doing mostly longer-distance cardio training, including running and cycling, and rowing machines. We will also be doing plyometrics, core strengthening exercises, and showing you what weight lifting workouts will best benefit you.

What to bring with you:

Please bring your Sac State ID card with you, as well as your student ID number if you can't remember it.

You want to bring clothes that you can work out in, be it running, lifting weights, or plyometrics. It is highly recommended that you wear running shoes.
It can be colder in the mornings, but does it does get warmer throughout the practice, especially when we start moving around. Be sure to dress accordingly.

Directions to the Sac State Aquatic Center can be found at:

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