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Sac State Finishes Fall Season in the Bay

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Posted: 11/14/2011 09:21:28 AM;  Modified: 11/14/2011 09:40:03 AM
Foster City, CA - Sacramento State made its way out to Foster City for the final regatta of the fall season. This year proved to be the largest head of the Lagoon, and provided some very fierce competition for the the Hornets to take on. The team entered in an Open 8, Novice 8, two Novice 4s, an Open 4, a Collegiate and Open Pair, and a lightweight single and lightweight double.

The Open 8 had an entry from Stanford University in the first race of the morning. The Stanford boat quickly moved through Santa Clara but was unable to over take the Sacramento State Varsity crew. Despite posting a faster time than the Hornets, Stanford did not pass the Sac State crew by the end of the race, keeping the Hornets in a 2nd place finish.

The Novice 8 came into their last fall race with great determination. They fought hard and rowed to a 3rd place finish, with very narrow gap of just 1 second, behind Sonoma State.

Immediately following the Novice 8 race, all of the novices relaunched into two Novice 4s to head back up to the starting line. This was one of the largest entries of the entire regatta. Both of the Novice boats posted faster times than multiple UC Davis and Sonoma State boats, even though they had just raced.

The Open 4 went out pitted against two UC Davis and two Stanford crews. The Hornets moved through a boat in the first 1000m of the race and came to a 2nd place finish, just behind UC Davis.

Sac State entered both the Collegiate and Open Pair. The curvy and turn-heavy course proved to challenge even the greatest of oarsmen, but at the end, both the Collegiate and Open pair won their respective races.

The Hornets had both a lightweight single and lightweight double take to the course at Foster City. The lightweight single held a very strong pace and came to a 1st place finish across the finish line. The lightweight double kept a very intense pace coming down the course, but was cut off by another boat from another race, causing the rowers to stop. Once the situation was handled they blazed in for a strong 3rd place finish.

Be sure to come and support Sacramento State at the Causeway Classic Tailgate this Saturday the 19th, at Hornet Stadium at 10am.


Race Results:
Open 8:
Stanford Univ 17:00
Santa Clara A 18:22
UC Davis 18:25
Santa Clara B 18:42

Novice 8:
UC Davis 18:20
Sonoma State 18:46
Humboldt State 19:36
Santa Clara 19:36
Pacific 20:30
Cal Maritime 20:49
Saint Mary's 20:35

Novice 4:
UC Davis A 20:44
Sonoma State A 20:54
Humboldt A 21:35
Humboldt B 21:36
Cal Maritime 22:07
Los Gatos 22:12
Saint Mary's A 22:20
Sonoma State B 22:24
Palo Alto 22:34
UC Davis B 22:52
UC Davis C 22:57
Saint Mary's B 26:09
UC Davis D 26:12
Chico State 26:13

Open 4:
UC Davis A 19:05
Stanford Univ A 20:26
UC Davis B 20:31
Cal Maritime 20:51
Santa Clara 21:13
Stanford Univ B 22:54
Humboldt 23:37
Pacific 29:17

Collegiate Pair:
Santa Clara 23:23
Pacific 24:58

Open Pair:
NorCal A 22:11
NorCal B 22:15
NorCal C 22:45
Sac State AC 23:08
Sonoma State 24:35

Lightweight Double:
River City 19:56
NorCal Crew 20:12
Stanford RC A 21:01
Stanford RC B 21:28
Palo Alto 21:47

Lightweight Single:
Humboldt RA 23:18

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