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Posted: 5/02/2011 10:07:31 PM;  Modified: 5/02/2011 10:36:22 PM
Lake Natoma, CA - WIRA: Day 1
On the first day of WIRA 2011, the varsity took to the water in the first of three heats to row for a qualifying position in Sundayís grand final. The varsity 8+ laid down a strong performance against #1 seed UCSD and cross town rival UC Davis, but fell short to the Tritons and Aggies by a few seats, and was relegated to the petite final.

The Menís Pair had a great performance in their Saturday race, finishing second in their heat, and qualifying for Sundayís grand final.

The varsity 4+ had a couple gutsy races, and eventually finished second in the 3rd level final.

WIRA: Day 2
The Menís Pair left the dock for their 9:00 am final confident in knowing that they had already faced the fastest competition in their event the previous day. The Pair (senior Chris Johnson and freshman Justin Bowman) had an excellent performance, coming in third place to LMU and UCLA.

The varsity 8+ raced down the course in the fastest WIRA petite final in history, finishing in 3rd with a time of 6:00.3.

Menís Varsity 8+ Grand Final
1. UCSD 5:52.6
2. Gonzaga 5:53.8
3. UCLA 5:58.3
4. Washington State 5:58.7
5. UC Davis 6:01.9
6. U. San Diego 6:07.5

Menís Varsity 8+ Petite Final
1. UC Irvine 5:56.5
2. Orange Coast College 5:58.8
4. UCSB 6:03.3
5. Santa Clara 6:05.4
6. Colorado 6:13.7

Menís Varsity 8+ Third Final
1. Sonoma State 6:13.4
2. Lewis & Clark 6:16.0
3. Willamette 6:20.7
4. Pacific Lutheran 6:31.9

Menís Pair Grand Final
1. LMU 7:19.6
2. UCLA 7:21.8
4. U. Of the Pacific 7:36.4
5. Santa Clara 7:36.8
6. Humboldt State 7:37.6

Menís Pair Petite Final
1. Chapman 8:16.6
2. California Lts. 8:49.2
3. Long Beach State 9:04.7
4. UC Davis 9:44.0

The Hornets will race next weekend in Seattle at the Windermere Cup Regatta, hosted by the University of Washington.


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