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Posted: 6/30/2007 06:14:40 PM;  Modified: 6/30/2007 06:20:11 PM
Sacramento State Aquatic Center - We would like thank all of our supporters for there donations during our Spring Erg-a-thon. While our total amount raised was a little behind last year, the number of donations we received was up substantially! For a summary of the Spring 2007 Erg-a-thon donations please see Figure 1.

Thank you all for your support. Your contributions have brought us one step closer to our goal of purchasing a new 8!

We would like to thank the following for their support:

Supply Hardware
Mark Gallegos
Crandon Kopriva
Lynne A. Styles
Catherine J. Hasenauer
Aurthur Guy White
Complete Sweep
Jet Pets
David and Lindley Hasenauer
Dianne M. Lanis
Richard A. Ward
Nelson L. Chow
Kennith T. Taylor
B. V. Pratley
Robert S Hurley
Michael Curtin
Donald J. Studebaker
Joyce D. Kirlin
Cindy F. Cheng
Patricia E. Daniel
Marcia O. Gibney
Porto Brothers
Angela M. O'Callaghan
Baynet & Co., Inc
Gary Hong
Misti Wilde
Gertrude Joy Plumley
Thomas J. Judson III
Masako Migro
Shirley Tumminello
Catherine Z. Hasenauer
Charles Studebaker
Terri Thorne
Donna J. Obrien
Jen-Louis Blangy
Clotilde Ramon Dormido
Linda Mc Parland
Ronald Young
Mark G. Stiles
Anne T Losito
Judy Thu Ngo
Virgina L. Webb
Lidia C Hasenauer
Jack A. Parks
Irene Dormido-Griego
Daniel D. Juarez
Mary A. Ferriera
Ann M. O'Callaghan
Steven T. Ngoi
C & S Food Equipment Services, LLC
Alexis Easton
Leslie Majoewsky
Margaret Bartholomew
Nathan Weddle
Philip Adams
Jeanne Kestner
Thomas W Waltz
Julie Barrow
Nadine Timm
Theresa Hamm
Susan Dickerson
Monica M. O'Callaghan
Phyllis Marie Sheridan
Leslie Ann Costa
James M Parks
Robert Bianchi
Lynne Simpson
P. Stanley Garry

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