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Varsity 8 Advances To Champ Grand Final

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Posted: 6/30/2007 04:16:22 PM;  Modified: 6/30/2007 04:25:03 PM
Lake Natoma, CA - The Sacramento State Men's Varsity 8 exacts retribution for their 0.2 second loss to the LMU Lions the week before and make Grand Final. On this first day of competition at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (WIRAs), Sacramento State Men's Varsity 8 proved itself one of the top crews in this conference of 30 collegiate teams.

Finishing a fraction of a second behind Loyola Marymount, at the 2007 USC Invitational, 7 days earlier put the Hornets as the 7th seed overall heading into the championship event. This also put Loyola seeded 6th and right next to Sac State in heat 1 of the Men's Varsity 8. This set the stage for a rematch here during championship weekend.

The flag dropped, race started, and the Hornets were down off the start, as they had been all year. The Hornets made short work of this gap and soon were walking on the Lions. By the final stage of the race Sacramento State had pushed the Lions over 5 seconds back and were in a comfortable 2nd place to qualify for the Grand Final. Final Time: 6:11.1

Varsity 8 Lineup:

C: Lyndsay Smith
8: John Studebaker
7: Jon Hasenauer
6: Greg Specht
5: Mike Brandt
4: Dan Stokes
3: John Mason
2: Matt Taylor
B: Brian Russo

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